About Us

Actiri was founded as a management consultancy and business advisory back in 2008.  Since then it has helped many ambitious and fast-growing businesses move forwards.  Assignments have included a huge variety of fascinating work, for example:

  • Involvement in the construction of a new VC fund, working closely with leading universities to assess their spin-outs, and coach or mentor them through their early growth; pairing them with associates who were specialists in their markets, and accelerating their growth.
  • Launching a new industrial metrology system into the aerospace industry – finding customers, validating the market requirements, working with the manufacturer to ensure the product matched the need, and establishing solid sales and integration channels.
  • Exploring the market for a new displays material which could revolutionise the manufacturing of high-resolution and low power displays, for TV, mobile phones etc – building cashflow forecasts, business plans and both investment and exit strategies, giving the shareholders evidence of market opportunity, and confidence to invest further.
  • Launching a children’s book company, helping the founders with such issues as copyright, agents, publishers, contracts, accounts – the boring logistics that even the creative and arty businesses, need.
  • Assessing the market and feasibility for a new medical device, offering a potential breakthrough in the treatment of limb injuries, exploring manufacturing techniques, and creating the first business plan.
  • Providing due diligence on acquisitions for PE funds – a recent example being assessing the market potential of a significant Canadian business, during its $120M acquisition by a large US-based congolmerate.

The industries we operate in are usually high-tech – with extensive experience in semiconductors, optics, advanced materials, and the manufacturing processes in automotive and aerospace.  However, with years of expereince in working with early stage businesses alongside a blend of VC funds, EIS and SEIS structures, angel investors and PE funds – we’ve often been asked to assist non-technical businesses who have the ambition to grow.

As for the name?  Well, “Actiri” is not a real word.  It is an amalgam of “Metiri Actualis” – Latin for “Actual Measurement”.  We believe that any improvement, whether in a business or process, has to deliver results – and the only way that can be shown is if you set targets and goals – and measure them.