Interim CEO/CxO Support

Businesses often have a short-term need for assistance – whether to cover a skills shortage, manage transitions or support a specific project. We can help, filling roles such as:

  • Interim CEO or COO
  • Interim Sales
  • Interim Marketing

Support ranges from being available to mentor a team, perhaps for only a few hours a week, as they settle into a new role – or as the organisation grows and scales, bringing them new responsibility.

At the other extreme, we can provide a CEO to step in and grab the reins after a major trauma to the business.  In one case, we stepped in and provided an Interim CEO to replace the incumbent who had suddenly passed away.  This was an emotional time for the business, but it was also a completely unplanned CEO succession, with no handover period.  It needed the skills to step in, understand the situation very quickly, form an emotional link with a traumatised team, and lead them forwards.

If you require support in any of these areas, please contact us.