Helping Startups & Early Stage Businesses Fly

In startups, it’s rare that someone with the creativity to come up with a new idea has all the skills to build a successful business. Actually, it’s rare in any early-stage business that any one person has all the skills, or even the mindset – that’s why there are stereotypes of the salesman who would sell his grandmother, or the accountant “beancounter”, or the “mad inventor” – because there are different personalities which tend to excel in each area.

The successful entrepreneurs in early stage businesses realise this early, and start to look for the support to fill in the gaps in their knowledge and skills in their startups. That’s where we can help – we work with a network of associates, who are each experienced in their own right. All have specialist skills in an area of business – but they are all seasoned businessman, and can offer help and guidance in many areas. Here are a few examples of services we can offer:

Services for Startups

  • We write business plans which are compelling, credible, and well thought-through – making your business far more attractive to investors – and which take into account the unique requirements of high-growth startup businesses.
  • We introduce your start-up to mentors – not just people who have an idea about business, but where we can, we introduce you to people from your industry. Their network, connections and experience can be invaluable. Sometimes, we’ll introduce people from other industries –because a fresh pair of eyes can be what you need to revolutionise your sector.
  • We introduce you to investors and investor networks. We don’t claim to be a source of funding, but we will get you talking the right language, to the right people.
  • We help you with the logistics – it can be the apparently trivial stuff, like starting a payroll system, or filing a VAT return, which detract founders of startups from growing their business.
  • While we’re on the subject of HMRC, we’ve claimed millions of pounds back from them as free cash for early stage businesses – through a scheme which is open to most early stage and growing businesses. It has a misleading title – they clal it the R&D Tax Credit, when really it’s a grant. Best case, we’ve claimed over 1/3 of all the money the company had ever spent, as cash. You might not think you’re doing R&D, but a conversatuin doesn’t hurt.
  • We can even act as your sales force, opening doors and progressing negotiations, contracts etc

We know that in many cases, early stage businesses struggle for cash to do anything. We’ll work closely with you – sometimes we can defer costs, or treat it as an investment into your business.

As a team, we have years of experience in building and growing early stage businesses. If you have the ambition to grow, and not enough hands to make it all happen – get in touch!