Investment Readiness

One of the most daunting things is taking a business out to a group of investors and asking for money.  Will they love your dream as much as you do?

It is hard work, and often there’s a “mind-set gap”.  We often hear from business folk, entrepreneurs and company founders that “investors don’t think like normal people”.  Funnily enough, investors have the same view – “Why don’t they understand what we need?  All we ask is… how hard can it be?”

Having secured dozens of investments rounds totaling well in excess of $100M, we can bridge that divide.  The sorts of things we can do include:

  • Assessing the market, to make it obvious where your growth will come from
  • Surveying your existing customers, garnering evidence of market traction
  • Creating detailed cashflow models,
  • Analysing any IP you may own
  • Blending these into a funding plan, which shows how you will use the money to grow the value in your business, and how you intend to provide the investor with a return on their money
  • The funding plan will most likely include an exit strategy for teh investor.  How do they get a return?  It may also need a “go-to market” strategy, explaining just how you will win those sales.
  • Gathering key documents into a Virtual Data Room, ensuring that you’re prepared for the inevitable questions
  • Providing or coordinating presentation training, to ensure you have the confidence to deliver under pressure
  • Identifying potential investors who are likely to be interested in your business, and setting up meetings for you to discuss this opportunity with them.
  • Standing beside you when you lead the presentations to the investors.  Some things we cannot do for you – the investors need to see the business as credible.

We can help you present your case, to target the right audience, and to give you the best chance of success – but we do not provide investment advice, or the legal processes required in an investment transaction.  These are both areas where we would work with external specialists.